Registration fee

Marathon: 800 SEK

Half Marathon: 400 SEK

Relay (4 participants): 1400 SEK

The Start
The start is at 09:30 for the marathon and relay. The start time for the half marathon is at 11.00. Pick up your number tag no later than one hour before the start. Runners are recommended to be in place in the starting line no later than 30 minutes before the start.

The timing is done using a computer chip that is attached to the top of a tab of the number tag. The number tag should be attached to the chest and be fully visible throughout the race. The results and split times is also live online

The Course

Start and finish are located at Uppsala Castle and Uppsala Art Museum. Officials can be found at water stations and at road crossings. The course runs on asphalt, paths and dirt roads. It is a fast track that combines running experience, crowd friendliness and attractions. We hope you will like the track as much as we do! More information about the course

Max time

Runners must have passed the halfway control 3.5 hours after the start has passed. The maximum time for the marathon distance is 7 hours.

The finish

The finish line will be at Uppsala Castle. We want to create a nice atmosphere after the race where the runners can gather and celebrate their race. The runners are invited to “after run” with a meal and music. A nice ending in a beautiful setting. Friends and acquaintances are also welcome to join the after run and can then buy food and drink from Cajsas Kök. The food we offer is vegetarian, lactose-free, gluten-free and nut-free, so we hope that most people will be full and satisfied! At the finish line, a medal and a finisher’s shirt are distributed to the runners.

Bib number

You can find your bib number under the “start list” tab on our website. You need it when you pick up your starting bib. Bib number must be worn visibly on the chest by all participants in the Uppsala Marathon, half marathon and the relay. You can pick up your bib number before the race, at the Uppsala Art Museum from Tuesday 19 October. Art Museum opening hours: Tuesdays 11–17, Wednesdays 11–17, Thursdays 11–20, Fridays 11–17, Saturdays 11–17 and Sundays 11–17. It is also possible to pick up the bib number on the day of the competition, from 08.00 at the Uppsala Art Museum, which is located in the starting area. Relay teams get a team number, all runners in the team have the same number. In addition, there are numbers 1 to 4 that must be worn by the runners in the following order: The first runner in the relay team must wear number 1, the second number 2, etc. Timekeeping takes place with the help of a data chip that is attached at the top of a tab of the starting bib. The starting bib must be attached to the chest and be fully visible throughout the race. Important for relay participants! Your fellow runner must run through the time portal first and then you start your distance. You who are going to “take over” should not be near the time portal, keep at least 5 meters away, otherwise you will be registered in advance.

Changing rooms and showers

Shower facilities are available at the nearby Campus 1477.


Your relatives and friends can follow you live via the RaceOne app. The results will also be available here on the website and at

Illness and injury

The Uppsala Marathon is an effort, which is why we have a doctor and nurse on site. Make sure you are completely healthy at the starting line. If you need to cancel the race and are in need of medical care, contact the race management on phone number 0708–766562. If you need to break the race, you must inform an official who will contact the race management. Each participant is obliged to the best of his ability to help another participant who has been injured, ill or if he needs other urgent help or assistance.


There are toilets next to the start and finish. There will also be toilets along the route, these public toilets (the castle, Graneberg, the city garden (2 places) and Gamla Uppsala) are marked on the map and will be open and prepared for the Uppsala Marathon.


Start and finish at the castle is about 1 km from central Uppsala and there are plenty of options for how to get there. Walk, cycle or take public transport (Stop: Slottsbacken or Blåsenhus bus 2 or 7). There will be no specific event parking. You who are going to run a relay: It is possible to get to the relays by public transport. See map for information on locations. At you can search for the right bus.

Bag drop

There will be an opportunity to hand in your bag at the start. It is important that you mark your bag with your name and start number. Uppsala Marathon is not responsible for any valuables.

Water stations

Water stations will be located along the track at approximately every five kilometers. At the stations there will be water, sports drink (Umara), organic bananas and pickles. There will be litter zones for throwing away mugs and bottles at the water stations. Otherwise, it is strictly forbidden to throw rubbish along the course.


The idea behind the Uppsala Marathon is that we should be able to complete a race without having to shut down a city. Therefore, we plan the race based on the excellent conditions that Uppsala has in the form of good walking and cycling paths, the route is planned accordingly. At the points where the crossings need to be strengthened, we have officials on site. Otherwise, runners mingle with other pedestrians and cyclists. But we have officials who are supposed to keep non-runners at a reasonable distance. It is part of the charm of our race that a walker can stay on the same track as a runner, especially in open air areas. We hope you indulge in it!


A cycling pace group will ride before the first marathon runners, half marathon runners and relays respectively. We really want to thank all the cyclists who help us with this! If you are missing information, go to our website. Feel free to follow Uppsala Marathon on Facebook and Instagram. There we continuously publish all information about the race! Above all! Enjoy nature and encourage each other on the track! We really look forward to this day and hope you do the same. Good luck with the training before the race!

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